How Can You Help Preserve the World Forests


In order to preserve the world forests, an action on a global level is required. However, a global action depends on actions of every individual on a local level. Everyone can contribute to the effort to reduce the rate of loss of the world forests including you.

Here are top 5 ways how you can help preserve the world forests:

Recycle paper and buy products which are made from recycled paper. As you most likely already know, just about all paper products are made from wood. In order to make one tonne of paper, as many as 17 tree are cut down. And considering that an average person in the United Kingdom uses over 200 kilograms of paper per year, about 185 million trees need to be cut down to meet the UK’s needs alone. This number, however, can be dramatically reduced if all discarded paper would be recycled. If you do your part of the job, sort paper from other waste and discard it into paper recycling bin, you will save more than 3 trees every year.

Choose furniture and wood products which are made from certified timber from ethical brands such as and Barlow Tyrie who are committed to sustainable and recycled furniture. Forest management has made a big step towards sustainability and many pieces of furniture and wood products on the market are made from timber which originates from sustainably managed forests and plantations. Unfortunately, illegal logging has not been eradicated yet and thus it is not impossible to find wood products which are made from timber that is obtained from ancient woodland. If you want to help preserve the world forests, you should therefore always demand information about the origin of wood and buy exclusively products which are made from certified timber.


Increase awareness of the problem among your friends, colleagues, co-workers and other people you know and encourage them to follow your example. The more people you convince to contribute to the effort to save the world forests the more trees will be saved.

Join or support activists who campaign for world forests by organising awareness campaigns and putting increased pressure on the world governments. In addition to helping preserve the world forests with your actions, you can also take action by joining or supporting activists. They are more than happy to accept every support they receive because there is still plenty of work to do in order to elevate the campaign for preservation of the world forests on a global level which is crucial if we want to slow down the rate of deforestation and forest destruction.

Support indigenous populations. Many people worldwide directly depend on forests but many communities are unable to withstand the pressure of large logging companies. You can help them by supporting a group which fights for legal recognition of their right to their territories as well as help them develop in the economic sense. Be sure, however, to check if the money really makes it to the indigenous communities because many wood products are made from illegal timber. The indigenous people receive little money from such products and at the same time, they cause damage to the forest on which they depend.